2 years ago. It was a cold November night in Berlin.
I was very excited. I finally had the opportunity to meet one of my public speaking role models, Florian Mueck.

After we met he gave me a very important homework… 

Flo is a skinny, funny, tanned German. With Latino attitude.
A person who started his public speaking career over 10 years ago with a lot of struggles. But, who with conviction, perseverance and hard work is today a successful professional speaker, trainer and friend, who travels around the world helping people.

We met at the bar of the hostel “Citystay” in the center of Berlin. A bar with red walls, black leather couches, white tables and a “Kicker” football table.
Very Berlin alternative style.

With a bottle of Augustiner, a German beer, in our hands. We said “Prost!”, cheers. And started to talk.

I explained him my struggles and how nervous I was on stage at the beginning. Why I decided to start learning rhetoric. How much I love it! And that I would like to help others.

We had a very interesting and pleasant conversation.

Suddenly, Flo had to leave to meet his friend Olivia. But, before leaving he said: “Sebastian, go pro! Next learning step, start your own blog! That is your homework!”

A homework that took me 2 years to start.

This 2 years I was very confused and scared to start the blog! It was challenging enough to learn how to speak in front of people. But, the idea of being criticized and judged by friends, family or 7 billion people, stopped me each time. “What should I write about?” “What if I have grammar mistakes and I publish them?” “What if in the future, I decide to be a politician and they use this against me?” So many questions, so many excuses.

2 years have passed.

Reading books about rhetoric, writing and giving speeches as much as possible. I loved and enjoyed every single minute of my learning journey.

But, the blog? Stuck in excuses and fears.

Last week I met Flo again in a Bar in Berlin. I told him my concerns regarding starting the blog.

Flo said: “Do it for yourself! And regarding what others think? You couldn’t care less!” “We wouldn’t worry about what others think of us, if we realized how seldom they do.” He ended, quoting Eleanor Roosevelt.

He reminded me, how afraid I was of speaking in public at the beginning. But, how happy it makes me and why I do it! He reminded me that all the struggle, the learning process and hard work is totally worth it!

His words gave me the drive to finish the homework I should have finished 2 years ago.

I waited enough! The homework is done and the time to press the “publish” button has arrived.

I still am full of doubts. But, my desire to learn and help others, is much stronger! I feel I have something to say! And I feel the responsibility to go after it!

Starting this blog seems to be the right step to continue exploring.

We will see where this journey takes me. The most important thing for me is to enjoy it. Learn as much as possible. And if during the journey, I can help somebody. It will make me very happy!

If there is something that is not letting you finish that homework. If you have a pending project, idea, dream…

Don’t wait 2 years, like I did! Remember Flo’s words:

“Do it for yourself!”

Finish that homework! And with doubts and fears! Press that “publish” button!

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  1. Wow!!! Congratulations, my friend. It’s personal, it’s vulnerable, it has a strong message. Way to go, you walk the talk. Can’t wait to read more from you, featuring… someone else! 🙂

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