2 weeks ago, I attended a 2 days public speaking training.

The first day started at 09:00.
I arrived at 07:45.
The trainers arrived at 08:00 to prepare everything.
They asked me: “Why are you here so early?”

Why did I decide to be the first to arrive at the venue? Even earlier than the trainers?

Last year I read an article about a successful football player and his secrets to stay at the top of his game. Hard work, discipline…

But, especially one of his secrets caught my attention the most!

He arrives at training several hours before his fellow teammates.
He trains by himself in the gym or outside on the pitch.
Then he trains with their teammates and continues his training way after everybody else leaves. His name: Cristiano Ronaldo

After reading this, I asked myself:

“If one of his secrets is to be the first to arrive and the last to leave and it makes a difference. Why I don’t start to apply this secret in my life?”

I decided to start applying it right away.
I use it every time I have an important meeting, event or training (even amateur football training ).
I learned many things using it.
For example, in that training 2 weeks ago.

I decided to be there earlier to take a look behind the scenes.
When the trainers arrived at the venue and asked me “Why so early?”
Excited, I answered: “I want to learn! How can I help?”

I learned from them that arriving earlier to the venue allows you to:

  • get comfortable with the room,
  • adapt the stage set-up to your needs,
  • check the sound,
  • make friends with the technicians,
  • make friends with your trainers, trainees and fellow participants,
  • prepare mentally to rock on stage!

Learning this, helped me later when it was my turn to go on stage.
I was very comfortable, feeling as if I were talking with friends in a bar.
This feeling allowed me to calmly enjoy the training to the fullest.

But, it was after the training when using the secret paid off the most!

2 trainers; John Zimmer, Florian Mueck and I decided to go to a bar close to the venue to continue enjoying the summerly day while drinking some cold beers.

They told me many amazing stories and we laughed a lot.
We not only became closer friends.
But, I continued learning from them.
For example, Flo encouraged me to start this blog and John helped me to edit my speech for the next day. How great is that?

The next day, I was again the first to arrive and the last to leave.
Guess what!
It was totally worth it!

Whenever I attend a training or an important event, I will continue using this secret!

I encourage you to try and use it as well!

Be the first to arrive!… And the last to leave!

4 thoughts on “BE THE FIRST! … AND THE LAST!

  1. Wonderful, Sebastian!

    I also use to arrive early and to be the last to leave when I teach my courses at the university, here in Ottawa. But you taught me something very important, the Bar Talk!

    Thank you so much!

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