One of the difficulties I faced when I started with public speaking, was making eye contact with the entire audience.

Looking people in the eyes is crucial to connect with them.

2 years ago, I was preparing myself to give an important speech.
My sister Natalia helped me practice.
She knew that I had to work on my eye contact.
That is why she prepared a special surprise for me.

When I entered her living room, 20 eyes were waiting for me!

Natalia had distributed 10 teddy bears across the living room.
They were facing the “training stage”.
What a great idea!
Now I had 11 friendly faces to practice with!

While rehearsing my speech, I tried to look Natalia and every single teddy bear in the eyes.
After a while, it got normal to talk to teddy bears.
I felt as if I were speaking with friends.

A couple of days later, after I gave my speech, people came to congratulate me.
Many pointed out the great connection they felt with my speech, especially through my strong eye contact.

Thanks to the teddy bears, making eye contact on stage has become easier.
I don’t have that problem anymore.
However, from time to time, we invite our cuddly friends to our family trainings.
It is fun! And very helpful!

I recommend trying it!

Practice delivering your speech with family, friends and your cuddly audience.

DSCN9925some members of the audience


You have no idea how much a teddy bear can help you!

I know a special one called: Wodwik.
He helped my friend Olivia to come to the Finals of the World Championship of Public Speaking.

If you want to hear that story click here

Happy Birthday Livvy!


  1. It stirs my heart reading you, Sebastian!

    And Natalia, such a wonderful, creative, and cute sister!

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