Today I had a call with my friend and fellow speaker Daniel Midson-Short. We speak at least once a month to catch up. Since we are on the same journey of mastering the skill of speaking in public, these calls are a great opportunity to support, encourage and learn from each other.

I told Daniel that my biggest concern for the last couple of months has been not publishing blog posts. “I enjoy learning to write! I want to write more and I want to publish more blog posts! But…”

He laughed and with his Australian accent and a little bit of sarcasm said: “You know what you have to do, right?” 

“Publish, right?” I replied, with a doubtful voice.

“Exactly! Press the publish button!” he declared.

“But…” I started, when suddenly, I felt “déjà vu!”

“I’ve been here before!” I thought. And when I remembered why, I laughed. As you can read in my first blog post. Doubts and excuses, again! Excuses stopping me from doing something I truly want to do!

“Seb, a wise person once said that done is better than perfect! With fears, doubts and mistakes; as long as you have a message you want to share; merely press the publish button!” Daniel reassured.

I cannot wait for our next call! For now with doubts, mistakes and no excuses, I’ll start publishing again!

And you? Do you have a pending project, idea, dream…

Press the publish button!

“Done is better than perfect.” Sheryl Sandberg

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