It is winter, 7:30am. You ran out of coffee and you have to get on time to your lecture. The bus never arrived, so you have to walk 30 Minutes through the dark and freezing streets of your campus.

You arrive just in time before the professor enters the classroom and curiously everybody look like they didn’t have had coffee either. It is so early! And you feel like it is going to be a looong morning!

Suddenly, with the most monotone, soft and robotic voice you can imagine, your professor starts: “Umm…Good morning ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another lecture of… Informations- und Kommunikationssysteme!”

Oh! I forgot to mention, the lecture is in German.

Oscar Wilde didn’t say in vain: “Life is too short to learn German!”

What do you think it is going to happen?

I’ll give you a hint: 😴

Maybe it wasn’t a lecture; it was a meeting, a workshop, a visit to your mother in law. Just kidding, let’s get serious.

How often have you attended a boring event? How often did you have the desire to take out your phone? How often did you see your watch and start planning your holidays on an island?

How often did you start to do anything else, but listening to the speaker?

So many times I have seen people falling asleep in lectures. That would be the worst nightmare for any speaker or at least to me.

What about you? What happens when you deliver a presentation, keynote, workshop?

Do you deliver just another lecture? Do you want to avoid being just another lecture?

Here is an advice.

I’ve learned that one of the most important things about any given presentation is ⚡️ENERGY⚡️

A way to create⚡️ENERGY⚡️ is with 🎶MUSIC🎶

Play music before your presentation; play music during the breaks; play music after your presentation. Set the mood and the energy of the room with music.

Music that is appealing to the entire audience; music with energy; music that creates a great atmosphere before you even speak!

It will make all the difference!

Maybe it is going to take a while until German universities play music in their lectures, but you can start using it the next time you give a workshop, keynote, presentation…

Start fighting the winter of boredom with ⚡️🎶MUSIC🎶⚡️

Let’s create the best playlist together! Please post your suggestions below. I’ll add them to the playlist and share it with you.

My first suggestion would be: