Last Christmas I was flying to Houston to spend the holidays with my family when suddenly something odd happened.

How many times did you fly in your life? Some, right?

In all these years, I’ve noticed that each flight is different. Some flights are pleasant and others are turbulent; some flights are short and others are long; some flights are on time and a lot are not.

But there is something that is always the same.

That standard, monotone, boring safety presentation!

Do you ever pay attention to that safety presentation?

I don’t! I know it is not right and definitely, it is not safe! Believe me, I’ve tried! But, that presentation bores me to death. Every single time!

Why do airlines create such “unsafe” presentations?

I was about to fly to Houston when the safety presentation started…

But this time it was slightly very different!

It grabbed my attention immediately and I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen until the end. It was remarkable! In fact, I was so impressed that I couldn’t wait to watch it again. I searched it in the video library, found three different presentations! I watched all of them!

Apparently not all airlines do boring presentations. Even a safety presentation can be exciting!  You can see the video here.

And what about you?

How are you delivering your presentations? What kind of speaker are you? Are you giving the same standard, monotone, boring presentation? Are you giving a “safe” presentation? Are you being standard, like most people?

Or are you being different, remarkable, memorable?

Be a speaker that your audience cannot wait to see again!

You can fly differently!
You can present differently!
You can do things differently!

Be differently!


PS I’ve been hearing that other airlines are opting to do their safety presentations differently too! I am glad and relieved to hear that. Hope to fly with them soon!

And I hope to (very soon) see you on stage; flying differently!


Photo by Dominik Scythe on Unsplash

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