Success means different things to different people. What is your definition of success?

When I saw Conor Neill sharing a lesson about success, I felt as if I found the Holy Grail! I could hear a tiny Archimedes inside of me shouting, “Eureka!” And immediately I started daydreaming.

I pictured a Sunday afternoon, family day! It is snowing outside and I am at home. I sit on my couch with a hot cup of cocoa. The fire is warming up the living room. The smell of Christmas is coming out from the kitchen! In front of me, my grandchildren holding sticks with roasted marshmallows. You could hear Christmas carols in the back, but they prefer to listen carefully to their old grandfather’s stories. 

And while I share my stories I can see them smiling and their eyes shining… 

There are many definitions of success, but ever since I heard Conor sharing that lesson, this became my definition of success:

“Success is to live a life so full of experiences, that your grandkids love to hear your stories.” ― Conor Neill

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