I just finished giving a speech at a speech contest. I was the first of six speakers. After long weeks of preparation and practice, I finally delivered the message I wanted to share with the audience.

I went to my seat, happy with my performance and exhausted from all the preparation and prior practice. It was the next contestant’s turn. She was giving her speech when suddenly somebody touched my shoulder! It was my mentor Olivia who was sitting behind me.

“Why are you not taking notes?” she whispered in an angry tone. She had her pen and notebook in the other hand.

I was about to say “Because I just gave…” But I already anticipated her answer. “No excuses!”

She told me once that if you want to get good at something you have to be learning. Always!

“Every time, everywhere, take notes and be learning!” were Olivia’s exact words.

Do you want to be a better speaker? You have to always be taking notes. The aspects you liked the most about the speech and what the speaker could have done better. Is what she taught me.

You can apply that approach to anything you do!

Always! Every time! Everywhere!

Be learning!

No excuses!


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “THE NOTEBOOK

  1. Yes! If you want to become a master at anything, you must remain a student.

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