The presentation was boring, monotone, a monologue, a lecture, with even more boring slides, the speaker went over time…

Many times I have the feeling that some speakers say: “It is just a presentation! Another presentation!”

Have you ever had that feeling?

Imagine you have the opportunity to speak 5 Minutes in a meeting. Or at a cocktail party or a wedding or any other situation.

How much time would you plan to invest for the preparation?

It is a 5 Minutes presentation. But think that every single person in the audience is as busy as you are. They stopped doing everything they were doing to come. And when you speak they are giving you, their single most valuable possession. Their time.

Let me show you some numbers. Imagine you only have 10 guests.

5 Minutes x 10 guests = 50 Minutes

That means that it is no longer a 5 Minutes presentation. You speak for 5 Minutes, but it is not a 5 Minutes presentation. It is a 50 Minutes presentation!

50 Minutes of the most valuable possession we have.  The only thing we invest that we can’t get back. Time!

My friend Daniel once taught me something that I will never forget.

Having the privilege of an audience’s attention, and the chance to impact their lives is a gift! And a responsibility!

Next time you plan to give a presentation think twice. Think about the effort and time that you want to put into it. Think about the effort and time that you should put into it.

It is never just another presentation.

Having the opportunity to speak in front of anyone is always a gift!



PS. Do you remember all those formulas you learned back in the university? Here is one:

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