Do you know one of those persons who cannot help but talk, a lot?

They just start speaking and they don’t stop! Especially when nobody asks them to.

Are you one of those persons? I used to be one! A Walkie Talkie.

It wasn’t on purpose. I didn’t notice what I was doing. But now that I look back it was as if I was only listening to other persons, waiting until it was my turn to speak.

This changed when I learned 3 life-changing lessons:

1. When you speak you repeat what you already know. But when you listen there is a great chance that you will learn something new!

2. The smarter a person is, the less they talk. “Intelligence is like a river. The deeper it is, the less noise it makes” – Unknown

3. Nelson Mandela being the son of a Tribal Chef, learned 2 key lessons from his father. (1) Great Leaders sit always in a circle, and (2) Great Leaders are always the last to speak. They not only practice to listen and ask questions. They also develop the discipline of being the last to speak.

Maybe it wasn’t on purpose. You didn’t notice it. Or you didn’t know. But now that you know.

Next time that you want to speak.

Remember that Great Leaders do much more than walk and talk.