What if you don’t?

As I see the Notre-Dame cathedral in flames, I remember the last time I was in Paris. It was a cloudy and cold day in December. I was very tired because I was backpacking across Europe. And when I saw the queue in front of the cathedral I said, “it is too long, I am tired, I will be back!”

This was 13 years ago. I have never have had the opportunity to go back again. And as I see 850 years of French history collapse I ask myself, “What if I can’t come back?”

Have you ever been 100% sure that you would have an opportunity again, so you left it for next time?

What if you can’t have that opportunity ever again?

What if you can’t go back to that place ever again?

What if you can’t see that person ever again?

Let’s use this tragedy as a reminder to take a look at where we are today, seize the day and remember that there is a chance that we won’t be back again.

 #NotreDame hope you will rise from the ashes very soon.

Beaucoup d’amour à Paris!